Welcome Every Baby Program has been a tremendous resource for parents of babies across Santa Barbara County. The program is truly universal and reaches all parents of new babies in Santa Barbara County regardless of a family’s income, where they live, or their cultural background. The positive comments from Welcome Every Baby parents are the best measure of our success!

What parents say when asked, “What was the main benefit of your Welcome Every Baby visits?”

  • Being able to talk about any concerns, some things you aren’t able to ask your doctor.

  • I’ve been told that tummy time is important, but now I know WHY!

  • We may both be doctors, but this is the first time we have ever been parents.

  • WEB helped me understand that learning began when my baby was born.

  • The confidence to know that my baby is healthy.

  • Each visit—because in each visit I learned something different.

  • I learned many things about my baby that I didn’t know and can take care of him much better since this is my first baby.

  • I want to thank everyone for being concerned about me and my baby. I hope this program lasts a long time.

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