What We Do

Welcome Every Baby (WEB) is a personalized home visitation program for newborns and their families in Santa Barbara County.  WEB focuses on the primary relationship between parents and their newborn(s).  WEB is designed to help all newborns get off to the best possible start in life.  While the WEB Nurse is able to identify areas of concern, she is also able to identify each family's unique strengths and to support them in reaching their potential and individual goals. 

The WEB Nurse Home Visit includes:

  • An early mother and newborn medical assessment in the privacy of your own home
  • Breastfeeding support and education
  • Hands on teaching, information and support regarding your newborn's, development, nutrition and other parenting concerns.
  • Information, support and linkages to services regarding baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Information and referrals for developmental concerns, pre-school for siblings, Medi-Cal and other resources in your community


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